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[mochikit] Re: Iter: __iterable__ support? Fredrik Sat Nov 20 16:00:34 2010

FYI, here the actual links to the changes:

adding __iterator__: 
.. dropping __iterator_:

On Nov 21, 12:51 am, Fredrik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi.
> In Iter.js I find this, regarding the support for the __iterator__
> pattern.
> //-------------------------------
> // XXX: We can't support JavaScript 1.7 __iterator__ directly
> //      because of Object.prototype.__iterator__
> //-------------------------------
> In Git/SVN the only message to the (reverted) change (2006-05-18) is
> "oops" :)
> The Google Closure library seems to sniff for it for example, 
> see:http://closure-library.googlecode.com/svn/docs/closure_goog_iter_iter...
> Is this still applicable? Supporting __iterable__ would be very useful
> I'd say.
> .. Guess this more or less a question for Bob himself but if anyone
> has knowledge about this issue please enlighten!
> Regards
> // Fredrik Blomqvist

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