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[modwsgi] Can you mix embedded and daemon mode running under a single apache process? Jonathan Thomas Thu Feb 02 04:05:48 2012

I am mostly looking for clarification here since nothing I read in the
docs specifically says you can't mix embedded and daemon modes,
although there is an implied either or which seems to be backed up by
empirical testing.

Which leads me to wonder whether it's possible and I've misconfigured
my server, or whether it's not possible.

Here is what I'm trying to do in the main server section of the apache
configuration.  In this scenario lets assume virtual hosts are
discouraged.  This configuration starts fine, and all urls are
reachable, but the only processes that are used are the ones defined
under the DaemonProcess directive (as determined by ps and looking at
the CPU time)

I'm using
httpd-2.2.20 in prefork mode

config snippet
User nobody
#Serve the first application under a separate user
WSGIDaemonProcess app user=admin processes=3 threads=1
WSGIScriptAlias /app/ /var/www/wsgi-scripts/pastedeploy-app.wsgi
WSGIProcessGroup app

#Then serve everything else using embedded mode.
WSGIScriptAlias / /var/www/wsgi-scripts/pastedeploy.wsgi

<Directory /var/www/wsgi-scripts>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

A definitive answer would be most welcome, let me know if you need
more information.

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