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[modwsgi] Re: Multiple Django Virtual Hosts on Apache+mod_wsgi but only one gets served Chris Cuilla Mon Feb 06 18:00:50 2012

Graham -

Thanks for the response. A couple of things:

Virtual hosts works fine when they are not mod_wsgi ghosts. When they
just plain, vanilla it works just fine. Not sure that matters, but
seems like the problems is some how related to mod_wsgi config.

> First thing to check is that you have:
>   NameVirtualHost *:80
> directive present and that it isn't commented out.

Yeah, that's set.

> One other thing you can do is add in a default VirtualHost as very
> first one, which from memory is defined as:
> <VirtualHost __default__:80>
> Deny from all
> </VirtualHost>
> With that in place, if named virtual host lookup is failing, will go
> to that and you will get a forbidden error, rather than it going to
> wrong virtual host.

I tried that but it seems to shut out everything.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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