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[modwsgi] Re: mod_wsgi for Apache2.2 / Python2.5 on Windows Graham Dumpleton Wed Feb 08 15:01:30 2012

On 9 February 2012 02:58, Vijay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Graham
> Request your help in obtaining mod_wsgi module that is compatible with
> Apache2.2&python2.5 on windows. I read your blogs and thought that you might
> be able to help me in this. I am newbie to world of python and am finding it
> very difficult to build mod_wsgi module for python2.5.
> Request your help
> Thanks & Regards
> Vijay

I don't have binaries for that and simply don't have the time to
create one even though I believe now I have the right MS compiler

Specifically, from memory you need to have VS 2003. You cannot use
newer compilers and Python 2.5 is built with the older compiler.

Is there a specific reason you need to use Python 2.5 and not a newer version?

Anyway, have cc'd this to mod_wsgi mailing list in case anyone else can help.

Please try and use mod_wsgi mailing list in future rather than mailing
me direct.



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