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[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] fix 4xm playback (bugzilla 882) Roberto Togni Wed Aug 29 06:00:32 2007

Hi all,
 this patch fixes the regression to 4xm playback after the latest
changes to ffmpeg.

FFmpeg now passes some data from 4xm lavf demuxer to 4xv lavc video
decoder using codec_tag. Since MPlayer does not always pass codec_tag
unchanged from demuxer to video decoder, the decoding fails even after
fixing the usual codec_id<->fourcc matching.

The patch move the data from codec_tag to extradata in demuxer_lavf,
and then writes it again to codec_tag in vd_ffmpeg.
This should also allow streamcopy to a different container (untested).

A better fix probably would be changing ffmpeg so that
is uses extradata to pass codec version for 4xm. 

For some samples (like aitd-daddy.4xm) there is a big A/V desync (video
too slow) but that issue was already there before the latest ffmpeg
changes to 4xm.


Better is the enemy of good enough.
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