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Re: [MPlayer-users] Mplayer bug with several files Nico Sabbi Tue Oct 31 12:11:56 2006

Alexandr Orlov wrote:


I am using MPlayer for a long time, and I never had any problems with it.
But recently I got several videos, which Mplayer refuse to play!
When I open this movies, the sound is fine, but video output window remains
blue. In console it writes a lot of strange errors.

ffplay from recent ffmpeg-0.4.9-p20061016 plays these files perfectly.
I have tried several -vo options (sdl, gl, xv, x11), but nothing changed.

I am running Linux on IBM Thinkpad T22, video card is S3 Savage IX8+.
My system is Slackware 10.2, I compiled MPlayer myself. The only option I
used to configure it is --enable-gui.

This is what mplayer -v shows:

MPlayer 1.0rc1-3.4.5 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team

rc1 is useless because it's from the stone-age; use an svn checkout instead

I upload 5 MB part of ploblem video file to mplayer inbox:

Thank you for any hint.

the file you played was an mpegts, but anyway...

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