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[MPlayer-users] divides screen in two parts with mplayer Pierpaolo gullˆa Mon Mar 23 06:03:06 2009

Hi guys ,

I'm using mplayer with ubuntu and debian an I'm searching a way for play a video file whit mplayer in full screen mode , but under the video files I want to put some text from a site , a txt files , or other text source.

I found this module http://developer.audiias.com/src/insusomascreen-0.2.tar.gz that divides the screen in two parts and on the top put the mplayer in full screen and under the screen put mozilla-gtkmozembed , so you can see a webpage , a rss , xml etc ..

But this interesting module doesn't working , do you know another module or way to divides the mplayer full screen?

Thanks for the help


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