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Re: [MPlayer-users] audio-filter volume Reimar Döffinger Wed Jul 21 12:01:06 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 02:18:33PM +0200, Oliver Seitz wrote:
> Hi.
> The manpage informs me about a useful feature:
> /quote/
> volume[=v[:sc]]
>               Implements  software  volume control. [...]
> This  filter has a second feature: It measures the overall maximum
> sound level and prints out that level  when  MPlayer  exits.
> \quote\
> But where does it print that to? I can not see any output like that
> on stdout or stderr, even with "-v -v".

This part was missing from the man page:
+This feature currently only works with floating-point data,
+use e.g. -af-adv force=5.
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