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[mb-devel] Using libtunepimp with .NET Chris Fri Aug 11 22:55:32 2006

Morning all.

I've been messing about trying to get the TunePimp lib to import to a VB.NET 

I've succeeded in getting the MusicBrainz lib working fine with the C# 
bindings, but then found the TunePimp library would be better suited to my 
needs. And alas, thats where the sucess ends.

I tried to use the MBlib binding as a starting point, but while the DLL 
compiles and imports to my project, it doesn;t show up. I've also tried 
numerous other methods but none have worked. Is there already a .NET binding 
out there, or can anyone point me in the direction I could be going wrong? I 
can post my TunePimpLibDotNet.cs file if anyone wants a look at it.

Cheers, Chris
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