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Re: [mb-devel] Suggestion: Missing tracks on Picard Matthew Exon Sat Aug 12 14:51:07 2006

Steve Wyles wrote:

I'm sorry, if you have the source media and you rip them yourself, how can you have missing tracks. With the majority of ripping software the easiest way to use it is hit select all.

I can understand having missing tracks if you are obtaining the files illegally from file sharing networks, but not if you have the original media.

It usually happens to me when there are two tracks with long titles that differ only at the end (like having "(reprise)" after the track name), and somewhere along the line the filename gets truncated in such a way that they overwrite each other. Often it's not the original ripping software, but sometime when I've moved the files from A to C over media B or whatever. It's irritating because you often don't notice, especially when everything's on shuffle play, until you start wondering to yourself why you haven't heard XYZ in such a long time...

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