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Re: [mb-devel] Picard idea and why it doesn't promote piracy. Robin Bowes Sat Aug 12 15:29:31 2006

anthony watson said the following on 02/10/2006 12:21 AM:
> the subject of piracy is really a hot button for me because while it
> is stealing I don't promote stealing (as I go into in a second)

and then said:

> I get most of my CDs from the library, rip them and return them. Some
> music I get from friend's CDs.  If this turns out to be illegal, well
> then I guess the corporations think people shouldn't have friends or
> library cards.

Not moralising here and IANAL but, AFAIC, what you are doing is illegal.

I'm not sure what having friends or library cards has to do with it.

I have a driving licence but that doesn't make it OK to break the speed


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