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[mb-devel] Re: [mb-style] add instrument request: vacuum cleaner Matthew Exon Sat Aug 12 23:21:37 2006

Lukas Lalinsky wrote:

Lack of JavaScript support is definitely not a reason to not add any
instrument to the list.

Why not?  Which of these statements do you disagree with, and why?

1) MusicBrainz should be usable with JavaScript turned off.
2) If enough instruments are added, the instrument list will no longer be usable without JavaScript.

Also, this thread is in mb-style, so
discussion about JavaScript and website usability is, IMHO, pretty
offtopic here.

OK, moving to devel.

I guess some people reading this, who have spent a lot of time developing sophisticated JavaScript-based solutions for MB, might be pretty offended by my "all JavaScript is evil" stance. I don't want to offend anyone, and I think that there's plenty of scope for JS in MB. But I do believe that it's very tempting to put too much reliance on JavaScript, especially in the current "AJAX is the future" bubble. It's occasionally necessary to point this out.

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