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[mb-devel] SVN & Trac moved to new permanent home & CVS will move soon! Robert Kaye Thu Aug 31 02:20:10 2006


We're in the process of completely moving out of our old colocation facility and today Subversion and Trac moved to their new homes:

Trac -- http://bugs.musicbrainz.org (http://musicbrainz.org/bugs will also get you there, as usual)
SVN -- http://svn.musicbrainz.org (now using HTTP protocol!!)

Also, I will start moving various less important modules from CVS over to SVN in the next few days. On Friday I will move the mb_server codebase over to SVN. If you have code that you plan on checking in, do it before Friday. Once I start, CVS will go read-only and then I will move things over. If you have pending check-ins on CVS after the move, you will need to:

1. Check out the new SVN code base.
2. diff the old (cvs) and new code base (svn) to create a patch.
3. Apply the patch to the SVN code base.
4. Commit the new SVN code base once you are ready to check these changes in.

Old branches and tags will be converted over. Right now matt, luks and myself have commit privs. Dave, Nikki and others who have commit privs in CVS and would like to have SVN commits privs: Find my in IRC and provide me a password.

Oh, the source browsing in trac works great -- its beautiful!

If you have any problems, speak up!


--ruaok Somewhere in Texas a village is *still* missing its idiot.

Robert Kaye     --     [EMAIL PROTECTED]     --    http://mayhem-chaos.net

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