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Re: [mb-experts] Asking the wrong Questions (Was: too many FreeDB imports?) Robert Kaye Fri Aug 11 22:21:50 2006

On Jan 7, 2006, at 6:50 AM, Don Redman wrote:
a) The assumption that 'they' are 'stupid' or 'lazy' is plain wrong. Fact is that they use MB from their point of view.

And I think the predominant point of view for people is "Don't bother me, I want to tag my files." Regardless of what label you want to put on this, (lazy, stupid, tag-motivated, whatever) doesn't matter one bit. Forcing people to do something when they are focused on doing something else will give you lots of lots of results of garbage data.

Rather than viewing these people as lazy, we should give these people the tools to do their job with minimal impact on their goals and MB. And this conversation is already headed in that direction -- I just wanted to pick on semantics for a bit. :)

That would be the same thing if you'd require everybody who wants to visit Paris to speak fluent French.

Thats the case isn't it?

How about logging all the search terms?

Sure, logging search terms should be easy. But given our current search features this may not yield much useful.

PS: And additionally this one: Robert, how about we start to get WikiDocs out of the box _now_. Screw my exams!

I've been thinking about this very much in the past days. The continuing appeals for more/updated/easier docs is quickly rising to the top of my list of things to address. However, this change will require a schema change -- as will the promised transliteration features. Given these, I propose the following plan of actions:

1. Finshing coding the WikiDocs release -- this is mostly some CSS hacking and a Moin plugin. 2. Code the transliterated artist aliases features. Both of these features require schema changes, so lets bundle them. 2.a. Add in minor tweaks or wording discussed in this thread. Can someone please be a champion for these improvements??
3. Release #1 and #2 in about 1 months time.
4. In the meantime, lets start working on the improved docs that everyone is screaming for. Updated moderation introduction with tons of examples for starters. 5. Develop these docs in the main wiki and copy them over manually into the existing wikidocs system. Then once the next gen wikidocs rolls around, we can transliterate directly from the wiki.
6. Replace the search system with a lucene based system

I'm on #1 and #2. How does that sound?

My MB dev todo list looks like:
- Finish pimpmytunes
- wikidocs
- transliterated aliases


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