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Re: [mb-experts] WikiDocs Cristov Russell Fri Aug 11 22:29:19 2006

<html><body><font style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;" 
size="2">While I'll preface this statement with, I have not read the wiki pages 
on WikiDocs; if this is primarily HTML/CSS code and doc creation/modification I 
will volunteer to help. If it's much more than that it's probably outside my 
range of coding confidence.<br><br>Cristov (wolfsong)<br><br><span>--- Robert 
Kaye &lt;<a id="linkification-flag-id" class="linkification-ext" 
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wrote:</span><br><br><span>From: Robert Kaye &lt;<a id="linkification-flag-id" 
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PROTECTED]</a>&gt;</span><br>Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 10:53:22 -0800<br>To: 
Discussions about the development of MusicBrainz for experienced 
users<br><span>     &lt;<a id="linkification-flag-id" class="linkification-ext" 
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Re: [mb-experts] WikiDocs<br><br>(Ok, you got me I'll respond in full now) <br> 
<br>On Jan 9, 2006, at 5:49 PM, Don Redman wrote: <br>&gt; Nikki and me have 
talked about that. We'll see if we get some results.  <br>&gt; The idea was to 
send you so may patches to static html pages, that you  <br>&gt; would be 
_really_ motivated to finish WikiDocs ;-) <br> <br>I'd love that!! <br> 
<br>&gt;&gt; 4. In the meantime, lets start working on the improved docs that  
<br>&gt;&gt; everyone is screaming for. Updated moderation introduction with 
tons  <br>&gt;&gt; of examples for starters. <br>&gt;&gt; 5. Develop these docs 
in the main wiki and copy them over manually  <br>&gt;&gt; into the existing 
wikidocs system. Then once the next gen wikidocs  <br>&gt;&gt; rolls around, we 
can transliterate directly from the wiki. <br>&gt; <br>&gt; I have been 
thinking about this a lot lately, and my conclusion is,  <br>&gt; that this 
will not work. People will not do this. It is too much work  <br>&gt; that 
nobody is prepared to do. <br> <br>What exactly are they not prepared to do? 
Write doc pages? Move stuff  <br>from wikidocs to the wiki as we have 
discussed? I'd like to know more  <br>about what pieces you are throwing out. 
<br> <br>&gt; My idea is something like a Wikified UserCentric Interactive 
Context  <br>&gt; Help (WUCICH ;-) ). It is another self fulfilling 
kybernetical loop  <br>&gt; and would go like this: <br>&gt; <br>&gt; Each html 
page gets a macro (mason plugin or whatever) that yields a  <br>&gt; "Help" 
link which leads to a special wiki (help.mb.org). The name of  <br>&gt; the 
wiki page is constructed by using the url of the current page. <br><span>&gt; 
<a id="linkification-flag-id" class="linkification-ext" 
 would yield </span><br><span>&gt; &lt;a href="<a id="linkification-flag-id" 
 </span><br> <br>Thoughts: <br> <br>1) ANOTHER wiki? <br>2) How does this 
reflect on WikiDocs? <br>3) We still need classical narrative docs to be 
written. If we can't  <br>find volunteers to do this, I will do it myself. Less 
coding that gets  <br>done, but I don't want to hack on another half-baked 
documentation  <br>system that doesn't get our docs updated *now*. <br>4) Are 
we switching course mid-stream AGAIN? <br>5) Whenever I use these context 
sensitive help things, they NEVER help  <br>me. I have build up an aversion to 
them. <br> <br>-- <br> <br>--ruaok         Somewhere in Texas a village is 
*still* missing its  <br>idiot. <br> <br><span>Robert Kaye     --     <a 
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