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Re: [mb-experts] Wiki Theme (Was: [mb-style] SortNameStyle) Matthew Exon Sat Aug 12 16:18:37 2006

Don Redman wrote:
Forwarded from mb-style

Basically Björn suggests to reduce the number of characters per line in the default wiki theme.

I realise that I myself decrease the number of chars per line everytime I have to read through longer pieces of text in the wiki, either by leaving the Opera side-bar open or by zooming the whole page up.

IIRC Lukas and Christov had worked on this Theme. What do you think?


I said it at the time, but what the hell, I'll say it again: please let the user decide what size text should be. Don't override their browser's settings to make text smaller.

I switched to the "classic" theme as soon as the new wiki was launched, and it's much easier to read. If you're having problems, I'd recommend doing the same.

Sometimes when I'm using a website and it's really bad, I use CTRL-+ (on Firefox) to make the text temporarily better. The problem with that is that many websites have "frozen" layout that breaks if you try to increase the fontsize, and even when it works I forget to set it back, resulting in lots of mysteriously broken websites later on.

More discussion at useit.com:


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