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Re: [mb-experts] Wiki Theme (Was: [mb-style] SortNameStyle) Lukáš Lalinský Sat Aug 12 16:19:27 2006

Matthew Exon wrote:
You can make everyone happy if you defer the decision to their browsers. That's why I still suggest removing the bit of CSS that makes the text smaller. This would go some way to solving the original complaint. I know I sound like a broken record, but I really believe it is *not* OK like it is. It doesn't respect the user's settings. This is bad. I would like it fixed, so I can go back to the musicbrainz template, and get the benefit of all the other style improvements you've made.

Ok, I'll update the theme, remove fixed font sizes and write a new CSS for MSIE 5.5- (because it handles relative font sizes quite different than modern browsers).
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