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Re: [mb-experts] Clouds Simon Reinhardt Sat Aug 12 23:21:21 2006

Matthew Exon wrote:
Simon Reinhardt wrote:

Note that this is just an abstract idea that came to my mind. I'm not proposing it for MB but just ask for a little brain storming. :) Perhaps I can code a simple version of it if I ever come to write a Java API for the new webservice.

I think of MB not so much as a website as a resource. Go create your Mike Portnay web page on your own server, but suck in the Discography information via MB web services. MB concentrates on the things that fit into its schema, which keeps it tight and reliable, while the XML web services format provides whatever flexibility you need.

Jup, that was my idea: first do something external. Luckily with the new 
webservice this will be possible.

The syntax you suggest reminds me of SPARQL. I don't know if SPARQL is common knowledge on experts already. It looks like you want to do a query like this partially pseudocoded version:

Well it's not really a suggested syntax, more that you can see what I have in 
I will take a look at SPARQL, sounds interesting.

Simon (Shepard)
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