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Re: [mb-experts] Clouds Steve Wyles Sat Aug 12 23:21:41 2006

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Don Redman wrote:

AFAIU delicious, flickr, and folksonomy in general it is crucial to bind the tag to the user who _uses_ it. A tag is not simply "this element is tagged as 'xxx'" but "user 'xy' tagged this element as 'xxx'". this way you can filter tag by just using
- your tags
- everybody's tags
- everybodys tags except from people you consider "spammers"

And this makes a moderation system obsolete.

Erm, no. It doesn't replace the moderation system. All it provides is various views upon the data, one of which *might* provide authoritive information. Look at the mess freedb is in, because different people want their album to look a particular way.

Steve (inhouseuk)

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