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Re: [mb-experts] Clouds Steve Wyles Sat Aug 12 23:22:03 2006

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Don Redman wrote:

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 16:40:38 +0100, Steve Wyles wrote:

And this makes a moderation system obsolete.

Erm, no. It doesn't replace the moderation system. All it provides is various views upon the data, one of which *might* provide authoritive information. Look at the mess freedb is in, because different people want their album to look a particular way.

Yes it does make moderations obsolete if (and only if) you view clouds as *tags*.

Tags are not objective facts. They are subjective labels which get their validity from the fact that someone uses them. What last,fm and del.icio.us do, is to statistically analyse the subjective labels of thousands of users. The 'mean' of this statistical analysis is not 'objective' but gets it right most of the times, because it reflects the semantic concepts of the majority.

But, musicbrainz is about recording the factual information for the releases, subjectiveness doesn't come into it. Either something is correct or it isn't. If something is factually correct in the database, I want it displayed as that 100% of the time, not adjusted by the result of some statistical element.

With this idea of tags, the incorrect data in the database would always be incorrect because nobody is using it. The moderation system currently allows somebody to correct that data, if they wish, whether it is used or not. Then in the future if somebody wants to use it, it will be correct.

Remember, there are other people using the data (data feed customers) where their users don't have direct interaction with the musicbrainz site.

Please think of the bigger picture regarding the data, not just the use of it via the musicbrainz software or website.

Steve (inhouseuk)
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