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RE: [mb-style] Two issues here Cristov Russell Sun Aug 13 14:56:52 2006

> 1) Do CSG override cover art? IMHO cover art and liner notes 
> are overridden so much that when is really needed it has to be.
> "2 and 8" what? No.? Op.? [catalog]?

I've never been in agreement that cover art should *globally* be considered
evidence of artist intent and in classical music I think there is more
argument for having and SG than any other genre. That said, I think it's
probably best to update the SG to be clear about plurals and we have several
options as to what that looks like. We can drop "No." and not abbreviate
"Op.", use "Nos.", only use "No." when referring to single symphonies and
the list goes on.


All great truths begin as blasphemies.
George Bernard Shaw 

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