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[mb-style] classical: tempo indication peculiarity Alexander Dupuy Fri Sep 01 01:20:30 2006

In http://musicbrainz.org/showmod.html?modid=4737750, Prodoc added
parentheses around the tempo indication because these parentheses were
printed on the cover. ... in general,
if a record company issues a cd with the second movement of Brahms 3rd
symphony as "andante" or "(Andante)" or whatever, should we
"normalize" the track title to "Andante" or should we stick to what is

It seems rather unlikely that this is a case of ArtistIntent (certainly not Brahms, and quite unlikely to be the performers'). So there is no reason to preserve "What is on the cover" - the only reasons that justify that are artist intent and (sometimes) preventing loss of information. Classical Style Guide should rule in this case.


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