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Re: [mb-style] Fw: [mailing] [MusicBrainz Wiki] Update of"ClassicalStyleGuide" by Keschte Marco Sola Fri Sep 01 04:39:59 2006

From: Stefan Kestenholz

> it is that simple, because the examples in the [1] are not what the
> majority of titles already follow in the DB. 

It was intentional: an agreement on commas was never reached in the past months 
so before this with or without comma was proper.

> please do not complain about how i edited them

Your editing is proper as always, but you came and simply made official 
something that is currently disputed. 

> but join in and bring this styleguide in an consistent form now. the state of 
> the CSG is desolate, and needs to
> be finalized if there should ever be consensus on how to format titles. This 
> is _not_ a problem that will solve itself, we have to
> take charge. 

I know and agree all this, but last time I tried to edit it I was stopped. I 
just wondered why you didn't have to follow any of the authorization processes.

> Even in the [2], most Op. and No. are punctuated before
> (using a comma), the only case where i do not add a comma is "Some
> Symphony No. X" because that would sever the strong connection
> between the Symphony and its number.         

Oh, the comma matter is not really that important. Probably I'm the only one 
around that don't like it at all. Most of all I'm afraid of how a comma rule 
could be properly written without flames. What you did is surely proper and 
approved by all.

It's how you did that makes the nth way to change things in MB. We know each 
other but look at it from the bunch of new classical editors.


MArco (ClutchEr2)

> On 5/16/06, Marco Sola <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Il Tuesday, May 16, 2006 8:55 AM
>> The comment on the change is:
>> terminology changes album->release. punctuation after current
>> practice. 
> I didn't guess it could be that easy: anyone can go and just change
> it. 
> So long, please welcome thousands of comma adding open moderations.
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