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Re: [mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #10542: configure incorrectly detects VIA c3 and enables cmov etc... Michael T. Dean Wed Apr 04 08:01:27 2012

On 04/03/2012 06:41 PM, MythTV wrote:
#10542: configure incorrectly detects VIA c3 and enables cmov etc...
  Reporter:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]           |           Type:  Bug Report - General
    Status:  new                |       Priority:  minor
Milestone:  0.24.3             |      Component:  MythTV - General
   Version:  0.24.2             |       Severity:  medium
  Keywords:  c3 cmov configure  |  Ticket locked:  0
  On gentoo using the media-tv/mythtv-0.24.2_p20120315 ebuild ./configure
  uses --enable-proc-opt which incorrectly assumes that my Ezra CPU has cmov
  extensions etc...
  When it has compiled the binary crashes with 'illegal instruction' trying
  to run mythtv-setup

  Attempting to work around this by passing --tune=c3 --arch=i586 --enable-
  mmx --enable-amd3dnow --enable-memalign-hack --disable-sse --disable-ssse3
  --disable-amd3dnowext --cpu=c3 etc....

  Seems this bug appeared 5 years ago and was squashed - but it seems to
  have come back.

Andrew and/or Simon,

Please do a make distclean and run configure with only:

./configure --enable-proc-opt 2>&1 | tee $HOME/configure_output.txt

and do:

cat /proc/cpuinfo > $HOME/cpuinfo.txt

and then send me a copy of cpuinfo.txt (please attach the file--don't copy/paste), configure_output.txt, and (in the mythtv source directory), config.ep. We should be handling Via Ezra, now, so either your cpuinfo has some strangeness in it or there's breakage elsewhere in the script that undoes our checks.

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