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Re: [mythtv-users] Backend server problem John Meyer Fri Feb 29 06:00:33 2008

Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> John Meyer wrote:
>> And yes, I am checking the archives and the FAQ, but still haven't found
>> the right things.
>> I'm running both the backend and the frontend on one computer (I just
>> want to watch and record), but I keep getting that master server error.
> What error would that be? frontend can't connect to server?
>>  I'm running OpenSuse 10.3, and I'm showing that the mythtv server is
>> running through Yast.
> does the cmd:
>   ps -e|grep mythbackend
> show anything?
Nope.  I manually booted it up, then changed the mysql.txt file.  Works,
though there's a bit of a lag between the sound and the picture.
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