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[mythtv-users] Firewire and the Motorola DCX-3200 Derek Tattersall Mon Jun 22 02:02:49 2009

Does the Motorola DCX-3200 cable box work with mythtv? I am on Comcast cable in San Jose.

My box has a firewire port, and a serial port (3.5mm jack).

Are there instructions anywhere on how to use the serial port? Can I change channels through it? What is the pinout for the serial port 3.5mm jack on the back?

Does the firewire port work on this box?

I tried to plug the box into my myth backend. When I tried to set it up as a video source, it shows up as a FireWire cable box, Description DCX-3200. However when I try to scan for channels, it just says "Failed to open the card"

The terminal output for mythtv-setup says:

SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index: -1 size: 5

So any help?


Derek Tattersall

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