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Re: [mythtv-users] Reliable channel changes on Dish network VIP 211k Michael Tue Feb 21 14:00:47 2012

On 02/21/2012 02:18 PM, Jim Morton wrote:
> On 2/21/2012 4:08 PM, Michael wrote:
>> On 02/21/2012 01:58 PM, Jim Morton wrote:
>>> On 2/21/2012 3:39 PM, Michael wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I have been trying to get my Dish network vip 211k receivers working
>>>> well under mythtv for a while and I have not been very successful.
>>>> I have two receivers connected using HDPVRs.  For the lirc blaster, I am
>>>> using the commandir III.  Each receiver is programmed to a different
>>>> remote code (1 and 3).
>>>> I am using the channel change script and lircd.conf file from
>>>> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/DISHNetworkLIRCConfiguration
>>>> The problem is that roughly 1 out of every 5 channel changes doesn't
>>>> select the right channel.  Either the channel doesn't change or it goes
>>>> to the wrong channel
>>>> I have tried changing the sleep time value, adding various sleeps, etc
>>>> with almost not impact to whether I get the right channels.
>>>> I am really not sure what else to try so I am hoping someone out there
>>>> has some suggestions of things to try.  I am more than happy to provide
>>>> any logs or other data to help resolve the issue.
>>>> Any thoughts or suggestions?
>>>> Michael
>>> One thing to note with Dish is that the Dish guide can be toggled
>>> between HD Only, Subscribed Channels and All Channels. You need
>>> to set it on Subscribed channels and then hide the remote.
>>> I learned the hard way that if it is set to HD Only and Myth
>>> tries to tune a non-HD channel it goes the the nearest HD channel
>>> and Myth happily records the wrong channel.
>> Thanks for the input.  I don't think this is my issue at least.  My
>> receivers are actually in a closet and the remotes don't even have
>> batteries in them.
>> if a channel change is missed when testing with livetv, I can just go to
>> the same channel again until it works.  It usually works the second or
>> third time.
>> Michael
> Next suggestion - try manually running the channel changer script a bunch
> of times, using different channels, looking for some pattern to the problem.

That is exactly what I have been doing for my testing.  So far I haven't 
detected any particular pattern.

There do seem to be a few problematic channels like our local channel 12 
or Bravo.  Those seem to fail more often but I don't have any idea why.  
If I just ran the channel script again they will usually tune.

In my testing I have been just cycling between 4-5 of the most popular 
channels we use from the satellite and within a few cycles one channel 
will fail.

It does seem like it is often many seconds before the channel actually 
changes.  This is well after the channel change script has completed.  I 
am assuming that is due to the buffering to disk before display.


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