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Re: [mythtv-users] CPU for a frontend William Otten Sun Feb 26 10:00:39 2012

On 2/26/2012 10:16 AM, dave cunningham wrote:
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> William Powers wrote
>> On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 10:15 AM, dave cunningham<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
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>>> Is there any reason as to why I should choose an i2100T over a G630T?
>>> (Conversely a G630T appears to be 50% cheaper than an i2100T here so
>>> that's the way I'm currently leaning).
>> I have tested a G620T, a G620 and an i3-2105 using OpenGL playback
>> over Intel HD Graphics and all worked fine.  This is with US OTA ATSC
>> 1080i and 720p as well as HDPVR 1080i and 720p files. With a G620 (T
>> or otherwise), some of the OpenGL hardware deinterlacers wouldn't work
>> because Intel HD Graphics doesn't have enough hardware acceleration.
>> That would be about the only reason I can think to step up to an
>> i3-2100 (T or otherwise) with Intel HD Graphics 2000, but I found I
>> preferred the GreedyHighMotion,2x software deinterlacer anyway so that
>> wouldn't be a factor for me.  The G620 CPU's were pretty busy during
>> 1080i playback using the software deinterlacer, but they weren't maxed
>> out.  IIRC, the G620 was just under 50% CPU and the G620T was just
>> over 50% cpu.
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> Thanks, this is useful information.
>   From reading the board over the last while I have the impression that
> quality wise NVidia + VDPAU is still quite a bit ahead of the rest
> (de-interlacing quality, refresh rates, EDID support, general
> stability).
> This is the sole reason I am planning to use the GT430. Is this still
> the case? If I can avoid the discrete card then I will be glad to do so.
> (FYI WAF is probably the most important factor here).
> Thanks,
My application is different but it may give you some information to use. 
I'm using Ubuntu 12.4 (comes with opengl) with Mythtv master and a core 
i5 2405s (it has the HD 3000) with a mini itx intel dh67cf motherboard. 
The opengl render does really well compared to the other nvidia systems 
I have. The 720p doesn't use any deinterlacing and I use bob 2x hw for 
1080. I haven't tried the greedymotion yet.
I have currently tried Mythtv with unity, gnome 3 and cairo dock 3 beta 
and the results are all the same...the picture quality is the best. My 
other nvidia systems use 11.10 with unity, gnome 3 and cairo dock 3 beta 
and I get some slight tearing occasionally.
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