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Re: [mythtv-users] [OT?] Suspend/Resume with GT 430 and nmedia LCD Michael Mon Apr 02 19:00:14 2012

On 04/01/2012 12:02 PM, Kevon wrote:
On 04/01/2012 02:53 PM, Kevon wrote:
On 03/31/2012 03:13 PM, Michael wrote:

With mythtv 0.25 coming out, I decided it was time for some minor
upgrades to my primary minimyth frontend.

Currently I have an asus a8n-vm csm motherboard with a gt 220 card.
This works well and suspends and resumes quite nicely.

I have two issues:

1) I wanted to add a GT 430 to take advantage of the HD audio support.
Adding the new video card however causes an issue where the machine will
go to sleep just fine, but upon resume from MCE, the power comes on,
fans spin, but the monitor never wakes up.  It also isn't responsive on
the network.  This is my second attempt at adding a gt 430 card and had
the same issue with the other.  I am not sure if this is a compatibility
with my motherboard or something else.
2) I really like having an LCD on my computer so I added an nmedia pc
LCD and bought a new nmedia HTPC case.  The LCD works fabulously under
mythtv - but, the machine will suspend and resume immediately.  I can
verify this happens even if LCDd is never started.  This also seems like
some sort of weird compatibility issue.

I have posted to the nvidia list and the lcdproc lists but I haven't
gotten any responses.

So, I know this is slightly off topic, but I am open to either:

1) Suggestions on what might be causing these two issues
2) Suggestions for a modern Intel motherboard that you are currently
using w/ an GT 430 and/or nmedia lcd that suspends and resumes without

I am just so frustrated trying to debug these issues that I am more than
happy to throw money at them to get a working solution.


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Issue 1 sounds similar to the problem I had with 9500GT card and nvidia
driver. The system would lock up completed when it resumes. The only
indication that it actually resumed, is the monitor powers up,
displaying the last image after resuming. It turned out all the drivers
after 275.43 would cause my system to freeze when DVI power was sent to
the monitor. Resuming or powering the monitor on/off would lock up my
system. I have since switched to the open nouveau driver since 275 no
longer works on the 3.2 kernel.

Check your driver. If you are using the nvidia driver, you may have to
play around with different versions to find one that works. If none
works, try nouveau.
Keep in mind that you cannot do vdpau with nouveau. If your system is
cpu challenge, nouveau is not an option.

Thanks Kevon,

Unfortunately, this system is too underpowered to play most HD videos without VDPAU.

Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion or at least confirm that they have a gt 430 system that does suspend and resume correctly.


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