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Re: [mythtv-users] Coincidentally broken tuner or something else? Mark Lord Sat Apr 07 18:00:35 2012

On 12-04-07 10:20 AM, Raymond Norton wrote:
> I am running .24 on a Zotac box with an HVR-1950 usb tuner  on Linux Mint 12. 
> This setup has been
> pretty rock solid, but is not working well today.
> The other day I upgraded all packages via apt. After that I started getting 
> errors in Mythbackend,
> saying files should be local, but can't be found. Researching the error, I 
> found it was related to
> the tuner. I set the capture cards up again and it seemed to be working, but 
> today I am finding it
> will only tune to very few channels. The rest I get no lock, or partial 
> locks, with myth popups
> telling me it should have locked in by now.

There was a Ubuntu-12.04 update in the past couple of days that changed udev 
such that mythtv no longer has access permissions for the dvb device tree.

I solved it on my system by editing /etc/group and adding "mythtv" to the 
"video" group there.

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