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[nhusers] Re: Should I use NH cache for large collections? Jason Meckley Wed Sep 28 19:00:58 2011

1. yes, but only to the degree of how it configured. syscache, syscache2, 
memcached all have different configuration and are designed for a specific 
type of cache. pick the one that works best for you.
2. not if you are going to implement 2nd level caching.
3. this question is irrelevant. the "size" of an entity will have more of an 
impact on effective query plans, concurrency and consistency.

there is another view point. if this is relatively static data that you just 
want to throw into cache, why not use a persistent hashtable or some other 
"nosql" data store. this may be more effective than1. using a relational 
database for non-relational data and 2. storing everything in memory.

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