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[nhusers] IUserType with LINQ in where clause implementing BuildHql juanita Wed Feb 08 09:01:13 2012

I have implemented support for a custom user type in my domain model,
but struggle with supporting it in a LINQ where clause.

For the sake of simplicity, say that the database contains a COLOR
column where a color code is stored as RRGGBB in hex (e.g. FF00FF).
This column is mapped to a custom user type implementing IUserType
with three properties Red,Green,Blue, all integers.
Selecting, updating and inserting data all works fine. There are
plenty of examples for doing this.

However, what I am struggling with is implementing proper support for
using this type as part of Linq in a where clause. When trying to
lookup an item based on its color, then the linq query would need to
be something like this:

session.Query<Item>.Where( i => i.Color.Red == 255 && i.Color.Green==0
&& i.Color.Blue==255)

With just the IUserType implementation, the LINQ query will throw an
error. I have researched the matter and found recommendations to also
implement a HqlGenerator, specifically its BuildHql method. Some more
work is needed to get it registered and activated through subclassing
DefaultLinqToHqlGeneratorsRegistry and adding it as a property to the
NH configuration.

Here is what I have implemented so far:
    public class ColorHqlGenerator : BaseHqlGeneratorForProperty
        public ColorHqlGenerator()
            SupportedProperties = new[]
                ReflectionHelper.GetProperty((Color x) => x.Red),
                ReflectionHelper.GetProperty((Color x) => x.Green),
                ReflectionHelper.GetProperty((Color x) => x.Blue)

        public override HqlTreeNode BuildHql(MemberInfo member,
Expression expression, HqlTreeBuilder treeBuilder,
IHqlExpressionVisitor visitor)
            .... now what .... ???
The issue is with implementing the BuildHql method. I have pretty much
no idea what would need to be done here to have NHibernate finally
execute a SQL statement with ... where color='FF00FF'.

Note that merging the three where parts for the individual properties
(red, green, blue) into a single SQL where is highly desirable so that
the database can make use of an index on the column.
I understand that an edge case would be if the query had values only
for 2 or 1 of the color constituents. While this will not actually
happen in my case, an acceptable solution would be to assume the
missing constituents as 0.

What I am confused about in the few other examples I have seen is that
the HqlGenerator seems to make no use of the IUserType's methods to
convert between database and object representation at all.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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