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[nhusers] Re: Envers with a PrimitiveType Peter Morris Wed Apr 04 01:00:40 2012

> <<Would it be possible to enable us to specify that this could be any
> unique key, such as Guid.Comb?>>
> No, not currently. It must be some sort of number because it's used in some 
> queries (eg "<=", "max", "between").

Couldn't the datetime be used for that?  Surely people think in terms
of Revisions and revision ranges, not revision numbers?

> <<Also, are you using UTC times for the timestamps?>>
> Hmm... It _should_ be, but I'm not sure it is. If it isn't, please JIRA this.

No, it only uses DateTime.Now - Where do I go to add it to JIRA?

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