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[Nighthawk Lovers] Re: Fuel economy/upgrades jgalban Tue Dec 30 10:00:29 2008

Hi Greg,

  Don't know about the 4 into 1, but I do have the K&N filter on my
'93.  If your referring to the airbox filter (not pods), it doesn't
make any measurable difference in performance or fuel economy.  I
thought the filter was a worthwhile investment because it can be
reused indefinitely and cost less than 2 paper replacement filters
from the dealer.


Greg Holuban wrote:
> Could those with K&N air filters and 4 into 1 exhausts tell me how the fuel 
> economy faired with those upgrades. Are they a worthwhile investment? I am 
> asking about 91 and up 750s.
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