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[Notepad-plus-plus] [notepad-plus - Help] Run Python Scripts in IDLE with "Run>Run..." SourceForge.net Wed Aug 27 17:01:36 2008

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By: jzraikes

I am currently learning to program with the Python programming language and
I have chosen Notepad++ as my IDE of choice. The thing is, I don't know how
to get the scripts I am writing with N++ to execute. If i press F5 and type
'python "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"' and hit enter, a command prompt window appears
for a split second and disappears again. Then I thought it might work if i make
N++ send the script to IDLE which can execute it, but I'm not really sure how
to do that.

Basically anyone who can help me run a script written in Python with N++, 
N++'s Run Dialog is my personal saviour and i will always think of your username
when I'm successfully running my scripts  ^^

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