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[Notepad-plus-plus] [notepad-plus - Plugin Development] FunctionList memory usage + crash SourceForge.net Mon Sep 14 07:00:38 2009

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By: pl31884

Hi all,

here is a problem I've been experiencing with FunctionList even in the latest
version (2.0 Unicode with N++ 5.4.5 Unicode).

The problem is this : every time it tries to generate the function list of a
different file, the time (and memory used by notepad++) needed to do so 
up to the point where it takes several second and hundreds of MBytes of RAM
(and finally simply freezes the app and crashes it).

For example, let's say you have two files open : File1 and File2, with 

Now simply switch the focus from File1 to File2 and then to File1 back, then
File2 once more, etc. repeatedly. You'll witness the time needed by the plugin
to slowly increase (the first few times, the difference is unnoticeable as it's
almost instantaneous), but after going back 6-7 times you should feel the "lag"

Basically, this means the plugin is unusable if you have more than one physical
file open (two views/instances of the same physical file are perfectly fine
though, certainly because the plugin doesn't re-generate the list in this case)
because notepad++ will end up crashing after a few minutes and that many 
between files.

I'll add that I'm exclusively using Fortran files in case that helps, but I
doubt this last piece of information is relevant.

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