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[nunit-discuss] Re: Eliminating Special Settings in the Test Config File Charlie Poole Wed Feb 01 12:01:12 2012

 Hi All,

Based on the limited feedback from my earlier note, here's the plan...

1. The special section in the config file will be eliminated.
2. Old style ('TestXxxxx') test cases will no longer be supported
3. The console runner will support an option to run tests in the STA
4. The ThreadPriority option will no longer be supported
5. The logging level to display in the Gui will be controlled solely by
the Gui Settings Dialog.


On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 11:46 AM, Charlie Poole <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi All,
> The test config file can have a special NUnit section, which I'm thinking
> of removing it. I suspect it isn't used much, but I'd like to hear from those
> who use it before I take action.
> The following can be set in the NUnit section:
> * OldStyleTestCases - to enable recognition of methods starting with 'Test'
> * ApartmentState - default apartment state for the test thread
> * ThreadPriority - priority for the test thread
> * DefaultLogThreshold - What level of logging (currently log4net only) to
>  display in the Gui.
> If you rely on any of these, please let me know which ones and whether you
> could do without them or would need to have some alternative method to
> specify the settings.
> All of these will be removed in NUnit 3.0 but I'll remove them early (2.6)
> if they are not being used.
> Charlie

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