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Drag and drop : setData forType issue Nicolas Clavier Tue Nov 24 02:00:29 2009

Hi all,

In my approach to drag and drop, I find myself struggling with this method of 
the drag source:

[aPasteboard setData:---- forType:aType]; 

Here is my code:

The small red square is draggable and carries it's background color to the 
green square.
It works when passing a HEX string with setString: ForType: (the code is 
commented in the gist)

But when passing a color object, I get this error:
Objective-J.js:1741             [CPColor string] unrecognized selector sent to 
instance 0x002653

As well, in this case, the dragged view becomes the entire window object 
instead of little red square.
I run this example in a CIB app created with Atlas Beta 0.9.7.

Any idea why CPData is triggering the (SEL)string: on CPColor when it's 
supposed to only push the object to a dictionary using aType as a key ??

Thanks for your time,


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