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Re: CPTabview functionality with CPButtonbar Jeremy Savoy Sat Feb 11 11:00:34 2012

After some research I discovered that in Cocoa you would do this using a 
tabless NSTabView that has it's "takeSelectedTabViewItemFromSender" action 
bound to an NSSegmentedcontrol. As far as I can tell, as long as you do 
this correctly, these two items interact perfectly with no code to be 
written. In Capp, this should transcend to CPTabview and 
CPSegementedcontrol via XcodeCapp.

When I connect up my takeSelectedTabViewItemFromSender to my segmented 
control in IB in my Capp application and then run it in my browser I get 
the following error in my error console:

CPInvalidArgumentException: - [CPTabView 
takeSelectedTabViewItemFromSender:] unrecognized selector sent to instance 

Should this work in Capp without any additional code? If not, can someone 
point me to an example of how this would work properly in Capp? I'm using 

Thanks !!!

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