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Displaying the contents of a file Joe Wollard Sat Feb 11 19:00:22 2012

Hey folks - hopefully a quickie here. I'd like to be able to display the
contents of a file in some kind of CPScrollView-wrapped element. Ideally
this element would also be editable and would preserve line breaks.
CPTextField doesn't quite fit the bill in its current state (line breaks
are lost upon editing) and nib2cib doesn't understand NSTextView. Ideally,
a suitable candidate for my situation would meet the following requirements:

   - display a string of arbitrary length
   - preserves line breaks in both display and edit modes
   - allows the user to scroll through the content
   - would like very much if...
      - KVO support is included
      - Xcode/nib2cib support an added bonus

Obviously I'm not looking for anyone to write something for me, I'm just
hoping that there's an easy solution/workaround to this issue that I've
just overlooked and/or not Googled appropriately for.

Any ideas?

-- Joe Wollard

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