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ReportQueryBySQL Norbert.Woegerbauer Fri Mar 23 12:05:37 2007

we use OJB as persistence layer. Due to project specific needs, we've built 
another layer on top of OJB and we can/may not use jdbc at all anymore.
The problem now is that we need queries that cannot be built with 
Query/Criteria objects because there is no proper mapping that could handle 
these scenarios.
Is there a way to execute any kind of select statements without specifying a 
mapping and a target persistence class? I'd like to execute a select statement 
and get the result in the way as for ReportQueries.
        Query query = new QueryBySQL(null, selectString);
        persister.getReportQueryIteratorBySQLQuery(query);      // not the 'SQL'

The thing is that we cannot create mapping for any of these very specific 
queries, nor we can use jdbc.

Any chance to get this done with OJB?
Many thanks!

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