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Re: QueryBySQL Armin Waibel Mon Jul 30 06:00:42 2007

Hi Krupa,

krupa wrote:
Hi All,

I have several SQLs already written.

I want to use QueryBySQL to use the existing SQLs. The problem I am facing
is how do I map the result set of these queries to my java classes,
especially if I have a result set that includes fields from 3 tables then how do I map this in the reposity.xml file?

Using an existing sql-string spanning several tables (persistence capable classes) can't be mapped to a java class by OJB, but you can use a report query which returns each result set row as an object array and map these array by your own:

Query query = QueryFactory.newQuery(null, sql);
Iterator it = broker.getReportQueryIteratorByQuery(query);
    Object o =  it.next();
    System.out.println("result: " + ArrayUtils.toString(o));

NOTE: There is a bug in OJB versions <=1.0.4 if you try to perform such a report query. The latest version from SVN (OJB_1_0_RELEASE branch!!) contains a bug fix.


Please help me with this.

here is an example of my SQL statement.

 select A1.field1, A1.field2, A1.field3,A2.field1,
A2.field2,A2.field3,A2.field4, A3.field1 as tmp1, A3.field2 as tmphdr2 from (((Table1 left outer join table2 on field1= field2) left outer join table2 A2 on field2 = A2.field2) left outer join table2 A3 on field5= A3.field2) left outer join table2 A4 on field6 = A3.field2 where field1= 12 and field8 = ''A'' order by field9


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