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[OpenBD] Re: IIS7 configuration Gary F Mon Jul 27 17:30:13 2009

On Jul 27, 3:12 am, "Peter J. Farrell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> sudo ufw enable
> sudo ufw allow smtp
> sudo ufw allow http

Nice simple syntax, I'll give you that, but I left command lines
behind with AmigaDOS Linotron typsetters. ;-) Apart from the odd
telnet and tracert these days.

> I guess my first advice is don't get lulled into the false sense of
> security that proprietary software is going to be more secure, safe or

I absolutely know that and would be using a lot more open source stuff
if I had expertise similar to your level of experience. Or if I had
the money to hire people who have.

> I hope you're consider trying out Apache/Tomcat/Open BD
I will!

> http://mattwoodward.com/blog/index.cfm?event=showEntry&entryId=03233F...
Thank you. It's a very long read - must be a very thorough article or
it requires lots of instructions! >:-)

> -- CALM stacks -- CFML, Apache/Tomcat, Linux, MySQL
If I can remain calm while installing it then that's a very good name
for it!

> Hope this helps and I apologize in advance for my lengthy soapbox dialog.
What's a couple of thousand bytes between friends. ;-) Thanks for
chatting and sharing your thoughts.


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