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Re: [OpenBD] Where does the aw20org.jar come from/source? Alan Williamson Thu Feb 09 08:00:54 2012

We will be making that available very soon ... it was the same code that was in the openbd build previously, we just abstracted it out as other open source projects are using it too.

On 09/02/2012 10:24, David Mulder wrote:
Lately I have been working quite a lot with (inline) java (got a working dynamoDB.cfc interface for 80% finished before we realized that dynamoDB wasn't up for the job in our project), so I am getting quite used to it and thought I would give it another try to see whether I would be capable of making the changes I requested in the other post myself (though I still haven't figured out how to compile :P ). Either way, when looking at the simpleDB implementation I got pointed quite quickly to objects/classes (I still have no [EMAIL PROTECTED] terminology :P ) inside aw20org.jar... which is released under a GNU license (according to COPYING.txt inside aw20org), yet the source code isn't included neither alongside the jar, nor anywhere in the openbd source zip as far as I can see..., nor in svn (as far as I can see). So could somebody point me in the right direction :P ?

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