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[OpenBD] Re: Book recommendations? larryclyons Thu Feb 16 06:01:19 2012

You also may want to consider the ColdFusion 9 Developers Tutorial by
John Farrar

It is a fairly good intro to CF9.

On Feb 15, 7:46 pm, Trenatos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I consider myself very new to CF and OpenBD, and would like to learn
> more.
> I've found more then excellent resources online and have gotten quite
> far, but I like books, so I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions
> of decent books for an intermediate programmer that works with OpenBD.
> Oh, and if someone knows of a place to learn about sessions that would
> also be very appreciated.

online documentation: http://openbd.org/manual/
   google+ hints/tips: https://plus.google.com/115990347459711259462

     Join us @ http://www.OpenCFsummit.org/ Dallas, Feb 2012