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Re: [OpenBD] Re: Heroku Deployment Alan Williamson Fri Feb 17 05:01:05 2012

We do not offer any Maven support at all.

However, if anyone wants to take some time and pull that together we will happily accept it.

So much to do ... but the earth only spins so fast

On 17/02/2012 01:17, Provost, Heath wrote:
To openbd devs - Is this something you guys are actively looking into right 
now? I'm only asking because if that is the case I'm going to wait and see how 
that goes. I'd love to tack a crack at it, but after looking at how this works 
I'd have to concede it is over my head - I have no experience writing bash 
scripts, which is essentially what this boils down to as far as I can tell. I 
thought it would be a matter of doing some minor customization of a jetty 
instance, but it looks more like building one from scratch...

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