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[OpenBD] Variables not resetting on each request Ben Mon Apr 02 15:01:58 2012

So, I have an interesting case that needs some external thought.  I've 
created a "framework" that handles all of my security as well as combining 
the page that is requested into a template file.  I've made this into a cfc 
that is loaded into the Application Scope.  In my OnRequest function, I 
call another function of my framework that loads any external files, the 
requested file, and then the template file where everything gets combined. 
 This has been working great, but then I realized that if I set a new 
variable on one page I can output it on another page even though I haven't 
declare it on the second page.  For example:

<cfset Tempvar = 'Whatup'>


On the about I get Whatup even though I haven't declared the Tempvar on the 
about.cfm page.  It appears like it is caching the variable somewhere.  I 
have debugging turned on and if I search the debugging output for Tempvar 
there is nothing.  I'm not sure how or where it is caching this.  Any 
ideas?  Is this because I am loading the page through a function that is 
stored in the application scope?


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