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[Orbited] Re: Re-compiling orbited.js Erik Anderson Mon Dec 12 22:00:51 2011

I think I managed to get things working, mostly by merging my
pyjsiocompile-damaged version with the official downloaded version to
get the features I needed.

I think I just ran into a new brick wall, but this time it's in
Orbited2 rather than js.io so I prob won't get much help in this
thread (use of Orbited2.Connection.send() requires a local variable
named 'id' not defined or passed from anywhere).

It would be very nice if someone could somewhere define such concepts
such as Class, bind, Transport, Protocol, etc.  So much of my time is
being spent wandering around the code for instance wondering how to
get a Protocol to use a TCPSocket.

As a side note, i did attempt to recompile my jsio_compile (in case I
had an out-of-date version) with no effect to the posted error.

All the code I have been using is taken off of git master tip.

On Nov 30, 12:07 am, Niklas B <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> From what I remember the compiler.js should have a setDebugLevel
> function, at least using the latest js.io source from github.
> When I compiled Orbited 0.8 js I actually had to modify Orbited.js,
> maybe you can find some pointers there.
> http://pastebin.com/88Netqi4
> Regards,
> Niklas

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