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[Pi] Re: Uploading app problems to Itunes connect Bob Tue Mar 31 07:01:51 2009

Ok I think Im onto the issue, but I have a question also.

First, yes I didnt have a distro profile on my phone.  I know I
this yesterday and thought it was my mistake and not apples.  It turns
out (at least my experience) is that when you are on the apple site
and create the distro provision, if you dont check your iphone
later you cannot edit that field.  So I had to remove the profile,
re-create it.  I was then able to download that and add it to my

I think thats half the issue.  The other half is that Im having a hard
time getting the distro WWDR download to work.  Whats happened is,
in my confusion, Ive created 4 profiles, so under Certificates ->
Provisioning Profiles
it shows:

 > (2) View Profile list

If I click the 'View Profile List' I see 4 dropped down profiles.  I
cannot seem
to download the Distro WWDR that I want, it keeps selecting
the development one.

How do I fix this situation?  Im assuming I cannot 'revoke' it and
start over,
or can I?
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