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[Pi] Re: Facebook Connect API Bradley S. O'Hearne Wed Oct 21 22:00:06 2009


I think with minor pains I might be able to scrape up a sample app  
that does a Wall posting. One thing I think we need to establish if we  
really are going to do this is who is doing what and our general  
approach so that we all don't stomp on each other's code and rework.

Sounds like healthy fodder for a Pi Mobile Meeting....anyone up for  
Liberty Market perhaps next Wednesday night?



Brad O'Hearne
Owner / Developer
Big Hill Software

On Oct 21, 2009, at 7:31 PM, Jiva DeVoe wrote:

> Main concern I have right now is that I don't have any code that uses
> facebook connect (YET) so am unsure if the changes I am about to make
> really work.  Does anyone have code using facebook connect that would
> be willing to be a guinea pig?
> On Oct 21, 2009, at 6:06 PM, Saul Mora wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I'd like to lend a helping hand in getting that working for you. If  
>> we
>> take a little piece, I think we can get it fixed for the greater good
>> of mankind :)
>> Saul
>> On Oct 21, 2009, at 5:03 PM, Bradley S. O'Hearne wrote:
>>> Jiva,
>>> "I feel your pain."
>>> I remember the exact moment I thought that same thing. I think it  
>>> was
>>> shortly after it compiled.
>>> Let me know if you have any interest in getting together to clean it
>>> up -- our apps would benefit from that.
>>> Brad
>>> On Oct 21, 2009, at 4:59 PM, Jiva DeVoe wrote:
>>>> I have upgraded my opinion of this code since writing this email
>>>> from
>>>> "concern" to "this is a disaster".
>>>> Seriously... I really wanna use facebook, but this is just  
>>>> horrible.
>>>> I mean *HORRIBLE*...
>>>> Gonna have to decide if it's worth fixing vs just leaving it out.
>>>> On Oct 21, 2009, at 4:20 PM, Bradley S. O'Hearne wrote:
>>>>> Jiva,
>>>>> Yes, join the club. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't
>>>>> pored over source code or the API for about a month and a half,  
>>>>> but
>>>>> back when I was adding Facebook Connect to my apps, I was fairly
>>>>> disappointed. It isn't all that difficult to use, but here were my
>>>>> observations:
>>>>> a) The documentation is very lacking. It isn't so much what the
>>>>> documentation says, as what it doesn't say that left me confused
>>>>> quite
>>>>> a few times. I learned more from reading source code and trial and
>>>>> error than from the documentation.
>>>>> b) If you had problems compiling, wait until you throw the thing
>>>>> into
>>>>> Instruments. The thing is rife with memory leaks. Granted, this  
>>>>> may
>>>>> have been corrected since then.
>>>>> I rolled the dice leaving it in my app for 2 reasons: first,
>>>>> because
>>>>> my use case didn't require an extensive use of the API, and second
>>>>> because my use case allowed me to immediately dump the API out of
>>>>> memory once used. That said, I spoke with Craig Bishop, who is  
>>>>> also
>>>>> using it about his similar experience (I won't steal his thunder,
>>>>> I'll
>>>>> let him reply if he wants). I had raised the idea just briefly of
>>>>> taking a stab at correcting the API and submitting it to Facebook.
>>>>> Actually, given some of our discussions about several of our
>>>>> organizations uniting for some kind of development effort, this
>>>>> might
>>>>> not be a bad idea. Facebook Connect is something which I think
>>>>> several
>>>>> of us use, and our apps all benefit if we correct the thing, and  
>>>>> it
>>>>> would be a good contribution to the iPhone development community
>>>>> and
>>>>> good exposure for Pi. I'm guessing that most are slammed like I am
>>>>> with development, but perhaps together we could do something  
>>>>> fairly
>>>>> quickly that wasn't a time drain on any one individual.
>>>>> If anyone is up for a joint effort to overhaul Facebook Connect  
>>>>> I'd
>>>>> be
>>>>> interested in discussing it.
>>>>> So in summary Jiva -- yes -- "concern" is a fairly gentle word for
>>>>> it.
>>>>> I personally wouldn't ship anything in a similar state.
>>>>> Unfortunately,
>>>>> due to Facebook terms, I think it is required as the only  
>>>>> compliant
>>>>> means to connect to Facebook. Any other method is a violation of
>>>>> Facebook T's & C's I believe.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Brad
>>>>> Brad O'Hearne
>>>>> Owner / Developer
>>>>> Big Hill Software
>>>>> On Oct 21, 2009, at 4:00 PM, Jiva DeVoe wrote:
>>>>>> Brad/Anyone....
>>>>>> Am looking at using the facebook connect API in one of my apps,
>>>>>> so I
>>>>>> grabbed the source for it... attempted to compile it... got an
>>>>>> error.
>>>>>> So I started browsing through it, and found quite a few coding
>>>>>> practices that frankly have me very concerned.  Have any of you
>>>>>> had
>>>>>> any good or bad experiences with this code?  One key thing is  
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> it
>>>>>> apparently has a compilation bug under SDK 3.x.  Then,
>>>>>> anecdotally, I
>>>>>> hear from others that under 3.x it is very buggy and apparently
>>>>>> can
>>>>>> cause the in-app keyboard to behave erratically.  The last  
>>>>>> thing I
>>>>>> want is a buggy library in my code.  It's got me fairly  
>>>>>> concerned.
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> Jiva DeVoe
>>>>>> http://www.random-ideas.net
>>>>>> Edibles - Food logging software for iPhone and iPod Touch.
>>>> --
>>>> Jiva DeVoe
>>>> http://www.random-ideas.net
>>>> What's Goin Down - Network Management Tools for your iPhone.
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> Jiva DeVoe
> http://www.random-ideas.net
> Edibles - Food logging software for iPhone and iPod Touch.
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